Amtrak Passengers Stuck On Train For 19 Hours

Passengers of two Amtrak trains had a nightmare of an experience Saturday traveling from Michigan to Chicago. Several issues occurred and caused many delays. This turned a normal 3-4 hour trip, into 19 hours. A number of passengers couldn’t even wait any longer and fled the trains onto a busy road. “I was supposed to have a really relaxed day, and then it was high stress,” explained Katherine Kobiljak to Fox 17, she was on the train at the time. Kobiljak, who was headed to Chicago to run the mar

Atlanta Just Had Its Very First Art Week And It Was Created By A Black Woman

Atlanta has world-class talent and the leaders of the city are determined to make it known. This fall, the city ushered in its first Atlanta Art Week which was created by a Black woman. 26-year-old Kendra Walker is an art advisor and writer. She’s also the creator of the very first Atlanta Art Week. The four-day event is a culmination of art tours, gallery exhibitions, pop-ups, and lectures. The goal is to amplify the rich and diverse art scene in Atlanta. Related: São Paulo’s First Black-Owned

Tourists Shout At Armed Guards After Chinese Airport Placed In Lock-Down

Following the news of several cases of COVID-19 in the region, a Chinese airport placed in lockdown caused frustration for travelers. Reportedly, many travelers were left stranded by the lockdown in Xishuangbanna airport in the province of Yunnan.

The airport in the busy Yunnan province area went into lockdown on Wednesday morning. Armed officers forced arriving travelers to remain in the terminal. In a video filmed and shared online, angry tourists can be seen raging at armed officers in full

World's Largest Blackout Ever Leaves 140 Million People Without Power

The Power Development Board said the blackout took place shortly after 2:00 p.m. The power company determined that the outage was caused by a grid failure, though, it is not known what led to it.

Certain areas in the northwest region of the country were unaffected. However, spokesman Shamim Ahsan said, “the rest of the country is without power.” He also alleged the power outage was caused by a technical malfunction and said the situation is “still under investigation.”

Mom Gives Birth Mid-Flight On Way To Dominican Republic

One mom found out that her baby didn’t want to experience the Dominican Republic inside her womb. In fact, when the plane took off, so did the kicks, which eventually led to mom, Kendra Rhoden, giving birth mid-flight.

“Everything just happened so fast, it just happened so quick,” she tells WFSB, adding the nurses onboard who helped initially told her not to push because they thought she had more time.

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It tur

Portugal To Welcome Remote Workers With New Digital Nomad Visa

A new Portuguese digital nomad visa is due to launch very soon. Remote workers looking to settle down in the country for a year are in luck.

Those looking for a European country to enjoy while continuing to work remotely have long favored Portugal. Digital nomads who can work from anywhere – providing there is a strong enough WiFi connection – are in luck in Portugal. According to Time Out reports, the visa is designed for those intending to live in the country for up to 12 months.

Sound good?

Get To Know DLTBrunch: London's Finest, International Black-Owned Day Party

DLTBrunch has truly changed the face of the day party scene in London, England. For those who have attended an event, the name itself brings nostalgic smiles to faces and for those yet to experience it, curiosity and a sprinkle of impatience. Representing all that you want from a bottomless brunch party in an international city, DLTBrunch exists to give the diaspora a new way to enjoy London’s party scene. Initially conceived after a string of amazing day party memories from times spent living i

Americans Smash Two Sculptures In The Vatican

Inside the Museo Chiaramonti, one of the many museums within the Vatican which holds close to 1,000 works of ancient history. The man in question started to take down the artifacts with his hands during lunchtime. The tourist knocked down two portraits, one while he was angry and the other just toppled as he tried to run away from the scene. The assailant was demanding to see the pope. When staffers and the authorities told him he could not see the Pope, he hurled a Roman bust to the ground. The

Killed On Vacation: NAACP Leader Shot In Turks And Caicos

Kent Carter, of the Arlington County NAACP was killed on vacation while riding in a shuttle van back to his hotel. Police say a gang of men started shooting at the vehicle, which murdered Carter and injured another passenger in the van.

“Just a really great, standup guy, you know? One of the best neighbors you could have,” stated Robert York to FOX 5. York was a neighbor to Carter and couldn’t believe the news of what happened. “He and his family, just really great neighbors. So this is just in

How To Save For Holiday Travels

In 2020, I paid off $30,000 in student loan debt. While there are no one-size fits all strategies for debt repayment, I was able to accomplish this with a mixture of increasing my income, decreasing my spending, and creating and sticking to a budget. One of my motivations for paying down my debt was so that I could travel more. And for the past year, I’ve been able to do that and have traveled from London to Dubai, all while working remotely and building a brand.

The holiday season is one of th

Issa Rae and Delta Team Up to Launch Travel-Inspired Collection at L.A. Fashion Week

Delta Air Lines is hitting Los Angeles Fashion Week with its first-ever fashion collection. In collaboration with multi-hyphenate artist Issa Rae, Delta is combatting the common discomforts of flying by equipping travelers with a line made for style and comfort created by small business designers across the country.

The apparel and accessories collection is designed for the “chic, adventurous, and well-traveled,” as described on the Delta Runway Collection website.

Delta and Rae each announced

Surviving #Yachtnik — Inside Seychelles ‘Luxury’ Trip Scandal & The History Of Its Origin

As a young professional, Tyler M* was an avid traveler. But there were certain experiences that she never imagined would be accessible to her. So when she came across an Instagram post from a company called Yacht’Nik in July 2021 promoting a decadent excursion to Seychelles, an East African archipelago of islands tucked away in the Indian Ocean, it seemed— as the well-worn adage goes— too good to be true. “I never thought I would be on a luxury accommodation trip before the age of 30,” Tyler exp

Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin's Relationship Timeline

From meeting on the set of Good Morning America to their surprise wedding three months later, here’s a breakdown of Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin’s whirlwind romance

November 2, 2018: Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin meet on the set of Good Morning America

July 2019: Miranda Lambert jokes about her surprise marriage to Brendan McLoughlin

September 2019: Miranda Lambert credits Brendan McLoughlin with bringing joy back to her life

December 25, 2019: Miranda Lambert and Brendan

TN Awards: Meet The Nominees For Best Black-Owned Restaurant

Good food brings people together and builds community like nothing else. And now that TN Awards season is here, we want to recognize the Black-owned restaurant that threw down like no other. The line-up includes a variety of cuisines from vegetarian southern fare, to Insta-worthy Unicorn brunches and everything in between. It’s an international array of palate pleasers from Atlanta to London with some West Indian flair in between and heaps of southern comfort. Cast your vote for your fave until

Shakira and Gerard Piqué's Relationship Timeline

From meeting on the set of “Waka Waka” to raising their two sons, here's a breakdown of Shakira and Gerard Piqué's relationship

"It all started when we were together in South Africa and I wrote to her," he said. "She was already there because she sang in the opening ceremony, and I asked her what the weather was like. It's the typical stupid question, and the normal answer is to tell me to bring a jacket [The summer months are winter in South Africa]. But she started telling me what the weather

Miles Teller and Keleigh Sperry's Relationship Timeline

Miles Teller and Keleigh Sperry had an instant connection when they first met in 2013

Miles Teller and Keleigh Sperry attend the UK Premiere and Royal Film Performance of "Top Gun: Maverick" at Leicester Square on May 19, 2022 in London, England.

Miles Teller and Keleigh Sperry attend the UK Premiere and Royal Film Performance of "Top Gun: Maverick" at Leicester Square on May 19, 2022 in London, England.

2013: Miles Teller and Keleigh Sperry meet at an after-party

"Keleigh had caught my eye

Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker's Relationship Timeline

From their first road trip to a courtside kiss, here's a breakdown of Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker’s low-key love

"A relationship is only meant to be between two people, and the second you make it the world's business is when it starts messing with the two people mentally," she said. "Like once everyone is let in, you're letting all these opinions into your relationships, and I don't think that's fair."

April 2020: Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker go on a road trip to Sedona, Arizona


Soup Joumou: The Haitian Meal That Symbolizes Freedom

For Haiti, January 1st is more than just the start of a new year. It’s also the day that Haitian revolutionary leader Jean-Jacques Dessalines declared the country’s independence from its French colonizers. One of the traditional rituals to observe this day is the preparation of soup joumou, an aromatic dish consisting of squash, beef, carrots, turnips, potatoes, macaroni, various vegetables, and fresh seasonings. More than just a nationally beloved meal, the soup has come to symbolize freedom.

Pur Noire: Houston’s First Black-Owned Urban Winery And Tasting Room

Carissa Stephens, and her husband Kenneth, are the owners of Pur Noire, a Black-owned urban winery and tasting room in Downtown Houston that’s making premium wine accessible and affordable.

The couple’s shared love of wine blossomed during a vacation in Todi, a town perched on a hilltop in Umbria, Italy.

“We were just received with open arms and these people did not know us from Adam,” Stephens shared about the experience. “But they graciously received us into their community and at every even
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